Unassigned Tanks (UDT) is a gamemode in which there are 2 Teams, like in Team DM, however there is a chance you will spawn as a yellow Unassigned Tank. Unassigned Tanks can hurt other yellow tanks, and can hurt Red and Blue team members.


Unassigned Tanks spawn on the top and botton of the map. They get a 2-4x point bonus, and appear yellow on the leaderboard. The goal is for the Red/Blue team to dominate the opposing team as well as keep the yellow tanks away. The goal for the Unassigned Tanks is to overpower the Teams while having #1 and killing other yellow tanks.


As a Team

Try and stay near your team members, and keep on the outskirts of the area your team has dominated. Try and take over both the top and the bottom portions to get rid of the Unassigned Tanks.

As an Unassigned Tank

When you spawn, rush and kill a bunch of polygons. Then, once you upgrade, kill other Unassigned Tanks. Then, you can keep doing this until you get to Level 45. Then, start takin on the teams, and you'll become #1 in no time.


  • This is the first gamemode to include playable yellow tanks.
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