Urchin shot is the tank created by hazardguy43

Urchin shot is a tier 4 tank that can be obtained when you level up basic tank to level 45.

This tank has 16 small barrels that fire thin spikes.Firing speed is lower.But penetration is heavily increased


Branch 1:

Clock shot - adds 8 extra barrels to the urchin shot.Increases firing speed and damage

Double spin - adds 16 extra barrels.Bullet speed is increased.The tank gets the swirl symbol

Branch 2:

Dagger shot - fires daggers instead of urchin spikes.Daggers do more damage and are harder to avoid,can seek its target,can hit up to 3 tanks

Fire blade - only has 4 guns.But shoots very powerful fire blades that do damage over time effect.Blades behave like boomerangs,limiting the range.Blades are are size of a level 20 tank.The tank gets a blade symbol in the center.When attacking,blades will spin around the tank and return back,can hit up to 12 tanks

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