The War Machine is a multi-piece death machine designed for the purpose of killing small insignificant players. While its inventor is unknown, no one can even imagine who would create such a machine for such a purpose. Whose idea could it have been to make a weapon meant for nothing but death and desolation? Tanks shiver when the name War Machine is whispered or even mentioned. However, over the horizon they see it approach again, and they don't have that much time to prepare. Are you ready to take on the old worlds fears, or fall back in a shroud of terror and wait for your demise?


Zathus Warmachine Battle1

War Machine in battle, with some Tears of Panzer. Art by Graviatar.

The War Machine is one of the possible bosses you can fight in the Boss Frenzy game mode. It is made up of five tanks and one core. The tanks rotate around the core, targeting players that dare approach it. It has a massive arsenal, as there are many different weapon types spread around. This was the first creation of Dr. Lacus after he pledged allegiance to the Cult of Panzer. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


The Components

It is made of six separate parts, each with their own individual health pool, but the entire machine shares one Health Bar at the top of the screen. Once it is killed, Arena Closers sweep the arena and a new game is started. The six components are:

  • The Core: The red circle the other parts are attached to. It has 30,000 health, and it if you do manage to kill it first without the guns blocking like, every shot, the six guns will start moving as separate tanks that chase players, which individually need to be killed. BTW it can also fire twin lasers that target separately. These lasers will slowly increase in damage over time, but the charge will be reset by hitting The Core.
  • The Gatling: A tank attached to the Core with four thin barrels that aim at players. It shoots a RAPID, like almost stacked, stream of bullets at those who approach it. They don't do much damage and are the size of Gunner bullets.
  • The Spire: An Overseer-like turret, that pumps out tiny red triangles that orbit the War Machine like a shield, or attack players. The summoning speed is about 120% of a normal Overseer (yeah, NOT Overlord). To put in perspective the size of the War Machine, it takes about 200 triangles to fully surround him. A normal Overlord would need like 15.
  • The Chainspike: A Griever hook....... that splits into three, seconds before making contact with the player its after. The two other chains go out in the respective diagonal directions next to the point, hitting more players.
  • The Seeker: A Tri Shot that shoots red missile shapes that will chase after players. They have a red circle 2x the size of a tank around their center. If a player enters it, the missile will stop homing, and start travelling straight forward.
  • The Slayer: At first it looks innocent and small, like a sword, but then it extends and four barrels stick out of it! They fire incredibly fast bullets in sync! These bullets don't do a lot of damage on contact, but each one inflicts a RANDOM Debuff!


  • The first ever Mega Boss for Boss Frenzy.
    • Because of this, it has no 'abilities' like every other Boss of any type I've ever created.
    • This is also due in part to being a multi-tank mechanism, which has separate pieces that all have preset functions.
  • This boss has gone through way too many health buffs and debuffs.
    • Upon creation, the total health was 20,000.
    • It was then buffed to 45,000.
    • It was then nerfed to 35,000.
    • Mothership Game Mode was added, so we had a sense of health points again. Total was buffed to 70,000.
    • It was then nerfed again to 64,000.
    • A few days later it was made 93,000 health, it's highest so far.
    • It then sat at 75,000.
    • It only currently sits at 112,000 with the health overhaul of April 17th, 2017.
  • The first of many mechanical nightmares created by Dr. Lacus. Laboratory Mode does not count, as that is a gamemode, not an enemy/boss.
  • It has a newer, upgraded version... and yet another heavily double-upgraded version.
  • Multitool VII (in the Extended Tale of Diep) was the seventh prototype for the War Machine. The first six failed or were destroyed.
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