The Warper, alongside the Cloaker will be my only Level 60 upgrade conceptions. It upgrades from the Stalker. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


The Warper looks like a Stalker, but with a slightly shorter barrel. It has a gray, barrel-colored circle on the back of it.


  • The Warper takes invisibility to the next level.
  • While invisible, you can right-click to teleport to your cursor.
  • When you teleport, a clone of you is left in your original place. It vanishes after being shot though, so use the decoy while you can.
    • The Decoy does not have a name, so if people know 'Noobslayer' is the Warper, and see a nameless Warper, it may just be a clone.
  • When shot, clones explode in a ring of 16 bullets. These do not hurt the Warper that created it, of course.
  • Just like a Stalker, shooting and moving make you visible once more.

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