The Warrior was inspired by ZathusTheMageV's Royale.


The Warrior looks like a Tri-Angle with a gunner barrel on the front. There are 2 circles by it's side. One has a Deflector (A Commander minion) shield and the other has a Lancer spike.


This has Auto-Fire on naturally and it cannot be turned off. The gunner barrel's bullets have a very fast bullet speed. Right click puts the shield in front of you. If the shield is used too long, it will have to be recharged for 30 seconds. Shields run out after 30 seconds. Left click pushes the lance forward. The lance has a short range but high damage. It has infinite penetration but to balance that, the lance only is out for 1 second.


Bullet Damage and Bullet Speed turns into Lance Damage and Lance Range. Lance Damage increases the.. well, you should know. Lance Range increases the range of the lance. Bullet Penetration and Reload turns into Shield Health and Shield Regen. Shield Health increases the time it can be out by 2 seconds. Shield Regen decreases the time it has to recharge by 2 seconds.


As The Warrior

Ramming builds are good because of it's high speed. They also allow you to get close to use the lance. Another good one is 3,2,0,0,7,7,7,7. The shield will protect you from bullet spammers.

Against The Warrior

Snipers and the Streamliner will be able to kill it because of the increased range. Ram builds must run away as the lance deals very high damage.


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