An object that has 0.02% chance of appearing each time a polygon is spawned, has 40K hp and no health regen. It will move a bit faster than a mothership in random directions. It's a white, glowing circle that has a light which brightens everything under 100 units away. It has body damage equal to a base tank with 2 points in body damage. However it will not reduce bullet damage. It's also half as big as a dominator.

It will act oppositely to a black hole: it will keep pushing players away passively. The level and range of the player determines at what speed they will be reflected at. A player at level 1-14 will not be able to come closer than the edge of the light, while a player at level 15-29 will be able to get 20 tiles closer to the white hole. A player level 30-44 will be able to go another 20 units closer. A level 45-59 player will be able to go another 15 units closer. A level 60-74 player will be able to go 15 tiles closer again. A level 75-100 player will be able to go 10 tiles closer. A mothership/mini-boss/arena closer will be able to go 20 units closer. (AKA 10 tiles away from the core). Drones, traps and bullets will be pushed back aswell, however depending on how many projectiles are against the hole at once instead. 1-19 Projectiles will stay at the edge of the light, 20-39 will go 30 units closer, 40-59 another 30 tiles closer, 60-80 yet another 30 units closer. At 85 the bullets will start hitting it.

Dominators and Alpha Pentagons will not be moved by it. It cannot enter Bases and it will not be targetted by guardians/mini-bosses. However dominators CAN damage them :) Upon death the one who gets last hit gains 50k exp/points.

Notice: units and tiles are the same thing.


Use bullet spammers and necromancers, if in domination try to push it into dominator's reach.

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