Wide Shot is tier 2 tank that evolves from tank at LVL 15.

It has got one wide barrel.


Bullet Speed decreases.

Bullet Penetration increases.

Bullet Damage slightly increases.

Reload Decreases.

Low recoil.


Strong Against: Sniper Classes, Ramming Builds

Weak Against: Twin with good upgrades, Tanks with good penetration, High RoF Tanks

As The Wide Shot

You have got a high penetration, so use it!

Try a close fight, because of decrease in Bullet Speed.

Beware of high RoF tanks because of decrease in Reload.

Against The Wide Shot

Try to outpenetrate it.

It has got bad reload, so use high RoF tanks.

Try to escape it, because it has got slow bullets.

Beware a close-range fight, because the bullets are wide, and you will not have any path to escape.


This is first tank made by GAMEUJU CZ.

Image by StreamlinerTeam.

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