Wind tower is the tower created by hazardguy43

This tower is obtainable after reaching level 15 with your basic tank.

The wind tower has slower shooting speed but can shoot strong gusts of wind that can trap players inside while they are being randomly moved around like in a tornado.However damage and reload are very low


path 1


This tower can trap up to 3 players,has larger area,lasts longer and does more damage


Can trap up to 12 players at once,fires as fast as a sniper,tornado lasts for 30 seconds,slight damage increase

path 2

Sand whirl:

lasts longer but does less damage,slight firing decrease.lasts for 25 seconds,each 5 seconds it launches strong gusts of wind,moves faster


can trap up to 48 players,can trap boss tanks,lasts for 3 minutes,each 5 seconds it launches sand whirls.Firing in unbelievablely slow.Firing one storm each 3 minutes.Damage is slightly increased.Blasts away all players and bosses inside after it disappears,this does very high damage

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