A Witch with its 6 drones.

The Witch is a tier 3 upgrade for the Medic.


The Witch is an oval tank without a barrel that features a very singular "force-field" shield around its main body. The shield's strenght depends on Body Damage and weakens for everytime it is hit; the shield replenishes faster with every point in Reload. The Witch can also control up to 6 triangle drones (controlled with the mouse) that are obtained by destroying Red Triangles, similar to the Necromancer.


  • Body Damage increases greatly.
  • The Health Regen boost carries on from the Medic.
  • Max Health is reduced even more.
  • Bullet Damage, Speed and Penetration change to Drone Damage, Speed and Health.


  • This tank was created by dwarftopia.
  • The Witch is similar to Overseer-branch upgrades in many ways.
  • The drones controlled by the Witch are stronger than an Overseer/Overlord/Manager's.
  • A fully upgraded Body Damage Witch can block a Destroyer bullet with the shield completely.

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