World War is a setting from Apocalypse Mode which is similar to regular gameplay, however with tweaks.


Mission setting

The player cannot level up and will have to choose their role in the mission as a team member to help. In the mission setting they will be given a random mission between holding out the enemy or killing all of them. The map will have a small "building" in which the engineers can work in and different obstacles and covers around the whole. There will be approx. 3 spawners per team and the chances of a certain tank spawning is calculated. Each time an enemy spawn they will be 2% stronger than their original version (stacking) on normal mode. On hard mode they will be 5% stronger and on Overkill mode they will grow 11% stronger each times. Certain types of enemies will appear only on overkill mode.

Normal setting

You are sitll restricted to classes, however there are 16 NPC teams instead which battle eachothers and the map is different. NPCs will grow 1% stronger and +5% for every difficulty point. Spawn rate is x2 (See spawns) and NPC's awareness is augmented. 1 Hit or getting at mid range will make them know you are there.


Mechanic - A regular tank at level 38 with max reload, bullet speed, penetration and body damage as well as 4 points in damage. It has no barrel at base, however it can use abilities to spawn some:

Pressing R will make a semi-destroyer sized barrel that aims where the tank points, however it has no bullet speed decrease. Once activated the user will not be able to spawn another weapon before it retracts the barrel (R).

Pressing F activates two assassin barrels (with their respective buffs/debuffs in bullet stats) placed like twins on the tank. They will have x2.5 normal recoil however. Cannot spawn another wep before retracted.

Pressing G will spawn a ranger base barrel followed with a destroyer barrel and ends with a machine gun barrel (all proportionally sized). Once the player fires, a single wave of 30 bullets will spread. Any tank hit by it (ally or enemy) will not be able to fire for 7 secs and will have reduced move speed. It has 10 secs reload and bullet speed of assassin. No recoil.

Engineer - A regular tank at level 10 with max health upgrade and 3 points in speed upgrade. It can communicate with team's tanks and sometimes receive rare messages from NPCs. It's text will appear at the top of the player who it sent the message to similarly to the message of when a boss spawns. Other tanks can also communicate with it, but not with other tanks. It has 1 sniper barrel and the FoV of mothership +25%. It also has a minimap (Coming soon) to help coordinate the team.

Ninja - A regular lv 1 tank, with max speed upgrades. It has a normal barrel and increased FoV to that of a sniper. It has the ability of becoming invisible after 4 secs of not moving/shooting. Pressing F will make it interact/use/pick up if in range of something. It can also pick up squares, triangles and pentagons. Squares can be thrown at high speed by pressing F again, triangles will be thrown at moderate speed and pentagons at a slow speed. Pentagons will reduce the speed by 25%. Cannot take up more than 3 polygons. Stats;

Throwing a square will deal body damage on any enemy tank hit, however pretty useless.

Throwing a triangle will also deal body damage on hit, but also make the tank knockback by 3 units.

Throwing a pentagon will deal body damage as well, and two of them suffice to make a NPC look into your direction.

Rusher - A tri-angle at level 40 which has max bullet penetration/damage/reload, 6 points in max health, 3 in body damage and two bullet speed. It can spawn a temporary machine gun barrel on its back for 20 secs. It has a 40 secs cooldown. Nothing special.

Demolition Man - A lv 24 landmine which has max body damage, 2 regen, 5 speed and 5 max health points. It can place smashers that are transparent (nearly invisible) and the NPCs will not detect them. Once a unit walks on them they will be dealt the damage of a smasher with 20 upgrades in body damage and 6 in max health. The unit is also equipped with a rocket and some equipment.

Rocket: A barrel that pops out of the tank to the left and its ends are hunter barrels. When it shoots, the rocket will go as fast as an assassin bullet, and whatever is touched will receive an impact of 20 tiles of knockback and 400 damage. 10 seconds reload time. Any nearby enemies will be alerted.

C4: Places a yellow rectangle on a barricade type and it can be activated at any time. Once activated it will blow up and any units hiding inside it will be dealt 200 damage. Barricades health will decrease by 450.

(Special) Atomic Bomb: When holding "P" for 3 seconds, the player will unleash an atomic bomb (norly) on the map, and anything inside 250x250 tiles will be dealt 3003 damage and 100 tiles of knockback. Enemy spawn points cannot be hurt, but other players can ALSO be hurt. This works only once and the user will not be able to use C4 for 2 minutes.


Contains info about enemy NPCs and what they can do in general. Notice: All NPC's size is changed to that of a level 105 tank. "#" means that it is stated later.


A blue assassin with x1.8 base stats. It's build is: #/#/4/2/5/4/1/0, has 1 regen per sec and 600HP. It will try to hide behind cover while firing at red team's tanks. It will only target players if shot 4 times or if a player gets close.

Hawk Eye

A red hunter with x1.6 base stats. It's build is 2/#/4/6/5/2/1/1 and has 700 HP. It will fire at blue team's tanks. Will only target players if they are at close-mid range, or if attacked 2 times.


A base tank which is the size of a lv 60 tank and have x1.3 base stats. They can be on both red or blue teams. It's build is 5/#/4/2/3/4/1/1, with a max of 200 HP. They will move forward to the enemy's base while taking cover and shooting at random times. They are the most common type. Will attack players if hit 5 times or if at CQC range.

Heavy Hitter

A destroyer with x1.7 base stats. It's build is #/#/3/10/6/8/-2/1. It has no health regen and holds a very large amount of 850 HP. It will stay behind cover and shoot red team's tanks. A rare type. Will attack players if hit twice.


A red team tank with x2 base stats. It's size is that of a mothership. It's build is 1/#/6/7/10/10/-5/2. It has the health of an alpha pentagon, and there can only be one at once. Will attack players when at mid-range, otherwise will try to shoot at blue team's barricades.


A blue team tank with x2.3 base stats. It's size is that of a mothership, and there won't appear a new one until it is defeated. It's build is #/#/11/4/4/4/10/5. It holds an extreme amount of 2,250 HP and 40 regen every 3 seconds. It will move forward to red team's base without hiding and fending off tanks by shooting at them, without caring about receiving damage. Will attack players if he can see them, even at long range.


A blue team flank guard with x1.4 base stats. It's size is that of a lv 75 tank. It's build is #/#/2/6/2/2/1/11 and holds a fragile amount of 260 HP and 10 regen per 2 secs. It will sprint around the main battlefield trying to dodge bullets and shooting/ramming red team's rookies. If an enemy type other than rookie has under 200 hp they will ram into it. Will never target players.


Barricades are objects that have health points. They naturally spawn at the start of a session or rarely in the map while some others are built by NPCs. They are used for the tanks to take cover and can vary in size and health. However they cannot regen health.

Small Barricade

Holds 300 HP and are big enough to hold a lv 45 tank behind it. It also has 30% knockback resistance.

Normal Barricade

Holds 450 HP and are big enough to fit a lv 60 tank. Has 40% knockback resistance.

Big Barricade

Holds 650 HP and are big enough to hide a lv 80 tank from bullets. Has 55% knockback resistance.

Huge Barricade

Does not spawn naturally and requires two Builders to be completed.

Holds 900 HP and can protect a lv 105 tank. 60% knockback resistance.

Spiked Barricade

Rarely naturally spawns and are easily made by Builders.

Holds 400-500HP, however 1/4 of the bullets will pass through. Nearly as big as normal barricade. They deal damage upon contact to tanks, with 4 points of body damage. 78% knockback resistance.

Brick Wall

These are a special type of barricades. They require a builder to complete and are basically yellow squares positioned in a 7x3 form. They will never move and are very dark red (or navy for blue team) colored. Each square has 60 HP and will die without affecting other squares. 100% knockback resistance.


Another special type of barricades. Requires up to 3 builders to complete. They are yellow colored ovals that "stack" on eachothers. They cannot move and have 30% knockback resistance. Each sandbag will let the builder's team bullets go through but not enemy team's bullets. Sandbags have individually 10 HP, but any bullet that kills them will disapear no matter its stats. (10/10 against arena closers)

Bullet-Proof Glass

A semi-special type of barricade. It is built individually (one by one) by builders and are just big enough to fit a lv 20 tank behind each. It has 150 HP and 90% knockback resistance, however bullets will only deal damage equal to 2 of their penetration points against them. Slow bullets will be stopped while normal and faster ones will pass through with 3 penetration points lacking. If a tank with oversized bullets or a lv 120 tank shoots it, the glass' health will be depleted to 0 while only removing 1 point of penetration to the bullet.


Mainly used to crowd-control rookies, their size is of 6x1 and is built quickly by builders. Holds 80 HP and 40% knockback resistance.

Obsidian Debris

An arena with black-colored shapes that does not move which can ONLY spawn at the start of the game. It holds an amount of 1200 HP but also 100% knockback resistance and 25% damage resistance.


Can be made by builders in a decent amount of time, also spawns in bases and can easily be moved by tanks. They have 150-200 HP but can barely provide cover for a level 45 tank. 60% knockback resistance against bullets. Each bullets that lend on it will add 20% (stacking) chance of the next bullet passing through.

Base Barricade

These are special barricades only found near the NPC's spawns and are very long.

They hold 5350 HP and have 96% knockback resistance, big enough to cover 30% of the map's height.

More coming soon.

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